Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth it?

Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth it?

Now when you are getting your windows tinted you have a new option. Ceramic Window tint, but what is it? Just like you, I asked myself “Is ceramic window tint worth it?” To find my answer I looked up some more information on what Ceramic tint is and got my own vehicle tinted with a ceramic film.

Gilbert Window Tinting

 Is Ceramic Window Tint Better That Other Options?

It turns out that Ceramic window tint is the best stuff on the market.It beats all of the avalible products on the market and has more features! It is more durable than the plastic and metallic stuff. It has one of the highest heat rejection ratings I have ever seen. 3M’s ceramic window tint runs at 80% heat rejection. I live in Gilbert, AZ so that is very important. It is also like those tempered glass screen covers. The ceramic film stregthens your windows, so that means anything, or anyone, trying to smash your window is going to have a hard time. No more worrying about stray gold balls or dark parking lots.

How is ceramic film in practice?

Getting Ceramic Window Tint on my Car

Everything about ceramic window film sounded great. I was pretty excited before the install. Getting it installed takes the same ammount of time as a regular tint job and it looks great when it’s done!

 Hiring The Right Company

I didn’t want to pay for ceramic window tint and not have it done right. That is why I went with one of our proffessional installers. Now my tint looks great and has a lifetime warranty.

Ceramic Window Tin Gilbert Applying the Ceramic Window Tint

The longest and hardest part of the job was having my old tint removed. If I didn’t have tint already on my car it would have been much faster. The removal brought the price up a bit, and I also had them re-tint my sun roof, but it wasn’t too bad. It took the Tech about three and a half hours to do the whole job. I’m sure the removal had something to do with that! Same as any kind of tint you can’t get a car wash or roll down your windows for a few days. Then you are good to go! All in all, it was a super easy experience!

The Results

 I leave my car out in the sun all the time so it didn’t take long to notice the 80% heat rejection.. When I get in my car it feels like it has been parked in the shade even in direct sunlight! The ceramic stuff looks great. I can make a quick drive with no need for A/C and I’ve even been driving with my windows down more. I still use the A/C on long drives and I don’t have to blast it on cold or my car is an icebox in no time.


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