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Gilbert Window Tinting Solutions provides every one of our clients a Lifetime warranty with all our Gilbert Window Tint work! Don’t take the risk. The cost of removal alone is enough incentive to get a quality job done right the first time! Read More…

Gilbert Window TintingWindow tinting can provide many benefits for your car, truck, SUV, or other passenger Vehicle, while still following Gilbert, AZ window tinting laws. These benefits can reduce glare and keep your car cooler in the heat. Whatever your reason for wanting tinted windows on your car, truck, or other passenger vehicle, you should get familiar with laws that regulate Gilbert window tinting, as well as exemptions under those laws.

The Basics of Window Tinting in Gilbert

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What is “Gilbert window tinting” when it comes to cars, trucks, SUVs, and other passenger vehicles? In practical terms, “window tinting” refers to methods that prevent certain levels of light from passing through the safety glass — meaning the windshield, side windows, and rear window of a vehicle. In Gilbert Arizona this is even more of a problem!

Having Your Windows Tinted Is a Benefit to Your Health

The safety glass on most newer cars and passenger vehicles has been coated or treated so that some degree of window tinting is in place, to keep out harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays. with Arizona heat scorching well over 100 degrees an upgrade of your window tinting in Gilbert is almost a must.


The Downsides to DIY! Why Your Should Not Tint Yourself

The perils of installing your own window tint and what to do if you’ve gone too far

If you are looking into getting your car windows tinted then you have probably noticed a lot of DIY kits available for you to install the tint on your own. The places that sell these kits make it look and sound easy as pie, but the truth is a little more complicated than that. In this article we will give you the reasons you might want to think twice about going the DIY route and give you some pointers on what to do if you are in too deep.

The Downsides to DIY

Tinting your window is simple, right? I mean, how hard can it be? I can do that by myself.  These are probably the things you told yourself and that is fair enough but there are some things you might not be considering.

 You need a controlled environment (or the skills to handle a hectic one)

A lot of people will buy the DIY window tinting kit and go out front to apply it, only to get interrupted by the wind. Every time it seems like it is finally lined up right that pesky wind comes to ruin your day. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Someone is about to install their tint and the wind blows part of it onto the window before you were ready. Now you have a section stuck to your window in the wrong place and the worst part is….

The kit only has enough pieces for you to get it right the first time

That’s right! Don’t mess up, because that tint kit you bought probably doesn’t have much it terms of back up. If you make a mistake doing something you have never done before for the very first time…you see where I’m going with this. It doesn’t take much for you to be stuck with an untinted window or a crease you decided you could live with. Plus!…

There is no warranty on your own work

If that tint you installed starts peeling in two weeks, you are out of luck! You can’t call the place where you bought the tint kit and get a refund and the only person who can fix it is you. You could have to buy more tint, but then how will you remove the bad tint? Do you have the tools to do so? Probably not, but there is still hope for you if you didn’t read this article before you tried to do it on your own!

What can I do if I tried to install tint on my own and I am not happy with the results?

First of all, don’t worry. Applying tint sounds simple and easy but it takes time to learn the skill, just like anything. Many people have tried to do it themselves before you and many will continue to do so. That’s why the pros are here to help! Now let’s get you taken care of the right way! Fill out our form to the left and we will customize your quote.

Can window tinting be removed?

Yes! We can remove your DIY tint. Special tools are required to remove the tint effectively and a professional technician will be able to remove your car window tint no problem! We have special heat guys and scrapers to remove it in no time and then you are ready for your new tint!

Can we use an existing tint kit to re-tint your cars windows?

All tint is not created equally. You want to make sure you are using high quality products that will hold up to excessive heat. That is why we use 3M products. They are high quality and will last you a long time!

(h3) How much does it cost to install 3m window film?

To remove your existing tint and install a high quality 3m product you will be looking at anywhere from $280-750 depending on the grade of tint, the size of your vehicle and the extra options you add on.

How long does tint last on a car window?

The life of your tint will depend on a few different factors. If you go with a name brand like 3M then your tint will last a long time, but some 3M products like Ceramic window tint, will last much longer. All of our work is backed by our lifetime warranty. That is one of the biggest benefits of getting a professional install! No matter how long your tint lasts, which will also vary on how you use your car you will be covered for as long as you own the vehicle!

Hopefully this has helped you understand what is actually involved in getting your windows tinted and shown you the benefits of a professional install. We would love to help you get

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